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Cyber-Physical Systems

CPS Design Problem

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are systems interacting with their environment, such as cars, robots, medical devices. Their design employs complex processes often involving machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), using large amounts of data, measured from real or virtual worlds. They have to satisfy numerous safety critical requirements. Designing and testing is thus time consuming, which either increases time to market or compromises reliability.

Decyphir Approach

Requirement-Based Engineering

Decyphir builds tools helping engineers to design cyber-physical systems. Our focus is on better testing and improving CPS software using formalized requirements, optimization and AI-based algorithms.

Design Requirements

Write requirements in formal yet readable formats based on temporal logics

Plug and Monitor

Interface with design tools from industry standards. Simply monitor real world or simulated data for requirement satisfaction.

Falsify, Cover, Optimize

Find bugs, fill gaps in data, perform automatic tuning using state-of-the-art optimization and AI technologies, fresh from the labs


Decyphir software platform provide three key features: requirements formalization, monitoring and automated test generation. This can be used to quickly assert whether large time series data satisfy a set of requirements or not. If the data is generated by a model (e.g., in Simulink), it allows to intelligently generate test inputs and run simulations to guide the system toward violation of requirements, thus providing a powerful bug-finding solution.

Breach is a Matlab toolbox available under BSD license. BreachFlows provides easy-to-use interfaces and additional professional features on top of Breach.

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Decyphir Services

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BreachFlows Commercial Licenses

Annual per user fee with support. Free and frequent update for Breach and BreachFlows.


Advanced use of and support for Breach and BreachFlows. Requirement design and test strategies for your project.

Consulting Services

Software development and consultancy for CPS, machine learning or data analysis projects.