Designing Cyber-Physical Systems

 Specify - Falsify - Optimize

Why Decyphir?

Build better CPS

Decyphir builds tools helping engineers to design cyber-physical systems. Our focus is on better testing and improving CPS software using formalized requirements, optimization and AI-based algorithms.

Easy Requirements

Write requirements in formal yet readable formats based on temporal logics

Ready to Use

Interface with software design platforms and simulators from industry standards

State-of-the-Art Algorithms

Use optimization and AI technologies, fresh from the labs

Cyber Physical Systems Design

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) such as cars interact with their environment. Testing them necessitates huge amount of data, measured from prototypes real or, more and more, virtual. Moreover they are complex and safety critical thus have to satisfy numerous requirements, which can be loosely formulated. Each test case can thus be time consuming, which either delays the time to market or endanger reliability. Simulation mitigates this problem but validating and exploiting a simulator are also difficult problems.


Decyphir software platform provide three key features: requirements formalization, monitoring and automated test generation. This can be used to quickly assert whether large time series data satisfy a set of requirements or not. If the data is generated by a model (e.g., in Simulink), it allows to intelligently generate test inputs and run simulations to guide the system toward violation of requirements, thus providing a powerful bug-finding solution.

Breach is a Matlab toolbox available under BSD license. BreachFlows provides an easy-to-use interface to Breach that can be taylored to a users need. It requires a license. Contact us for more information.

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